Posts - Re-introduction and Future Plans

Posts is an opinionend information management system for both personal and corporate usages developed by me, namely, the website owner - Johann Huang, using React + Redux technologies for Front-end and Node Express for Back-end development.

There has already been 2 articles about this application composed 1 year ago as following.

After holding the process of envolving this application for 1 year, in 2020, finally, I this it is time for me to continue refining this application.

Therefore, it is also the time when I take some time to compose another article to re-introduce it and tell future plans about this application.


The information management system categorizing doesn't reveal much of the essence of this Posts application, so let me do the paraphrase.

Ultimately, by design and also largely by implementation, Posts is Note Taking application just as Apple Notes but with a pseduo Command Line input design and many utilities to help to process, analysis and present the inputted data.

Input Design

The reason why Posts accepts pseudo Command Line input is that Posts is designed to be POST-able by IM (Instant Messaging) application services and basically IM clients offer a textbox accepting user inputs.

Weixin Input Box

And since many IM application also accept file (including image, video and other types of files), accordingly, Posts also accepts file as input. Combined together, Posts as web application, it offers the following input page.

Posts Input Page

Since Posts is design as a modular note taking application, it do a corresponding requirement for its input content, which is the input text should be leading by a "command-keyword" to enable Post to assign the input into modules for futher process, analysis and presentation. And considering the fact that, some usage ideas may be developed before the implementation of modules targetting to process these ideas, Posts keeps a record of all input content categorized by its leading "command-keyword".

Posts Originals Page

Usages and Modules

By adopting the leading "command-keyword" input design, Posts is capable to interpret several categories of inputs, implemented as modules.

Book Keeping

Book keeping by largely means basically to take notes about payment records with the input adopting pattern "记账 Channel Item&Amount".

For example, the records of my expanse in September 2018 is as following.

Posts Bill Dashboard

Tasks Management

Based on my personal needs, a module in charge of tasks management is implement wiht the following pre-designed fixed workflow.

Posts Tasks Workflow
The input in pattern "待办 ..." is initially assigned to "todo" stage, depending on the ongoing process, the to-do item can either go to doing, shelved or directly deleted. Some of my doing items are shown as follows.

Posts Tasks Doing

Links Collecting

Links Collecting is in fact no more than note taking for links. However, when triggered by Weixin, it could be relatively handy. Basically, the input of this module takes the pattern "链接 ....". A preview of my links are as following.

Posts Links Uncategorized

Diaries Keeping

Comparing to the above usages, it is relatively simple with input pattern "日记 ...". A preview image is as following.

Posts Diaries


In fact, with the leading "command-keyword" design, Posts can be extended unlimitedly.

One of the future usage or feature I have since long thought is the so called "Shares" module, which is designed to mimic news-room publishing process.

Users and Roles

By design, Posts is for both personal and coporate usages.

If this is an application for just personal usage, it is possibly best to not take user role conpets into account. However, behind Posts there is a large ambition.

Every user is in fact a group name concept, which contains at least one role, which is the .admin role and one subuser, which is the .admin subuser. Take my account johann as example, it contains a role johann.admin which is with the largest permission set under user johann and a subuser johann.admin which is with role johann.admin. When I login with just johann, it is in fact default to be johann.admin subuser. It is possible to create other roles which have only the subset of permission of role .admin and also other subusers which are linked to different roles.

Some preview images are as following.
Posts My Add Role
Posts My Role
Posts My Add Subuser
Posts My Subuser
By this user-roles-subusers design, a single user johann can contain several subusers such as johann.admin, johann.inputer1, johann.inputer2, johann.editor, johann.finisher and so on, which can be assigned to different roles. A possible cooperation pattern could be as following:

Future Plans

To be honest, this application is not really finished and still with some bugs although very useful, at lease for myself.

So, with less exception, the first step of futher plan is to fixing known bugs and then possibly supports multiple language versions and different themes.

After the above mentioned, it is possible that iOS and macOS apps would be developed.

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