What to Expect of a MarkDown Editor

Alternative titles

  • What Kind of MarkDown Editor Do I Want?

Criteria are the foundation of saying something valuable or not. Therefore, criteria go first.

What are the expected features?

  • File-based instead of library-based
  • Live preview instead of separate preview
    • Live preview for images



  • My
    • File-based
    • Live preview
      • No live preview for images
  • https://github.com/textmate?q=markdown&type=all&language=&sort=
    • 3 results for all repositories matching markdown sorted by last updated
  • https://macromates.com/
    • TextMate for macOS
    • Powerful and customizable text editor with support for a huge list of programming languages and developed as open source.


  • My
    • File-based
    • Live preview
      • Live preview for images
    • However
      • Slow on macOS
      • Error with pop-out dialog when exiting the application
  • https://github.com/brrd/abricotine
    • Markdown editor with inline preview
  • https://abricotine.brrd.fr/
    • Abricotine is an open-source markdown editor built for desktop.
    • Abricotine supports markdown syntax combined with some GFM enhancements (such as tables).

Good references

  • https://www.sitepoint.com/the-best-markdown-editors-for-mac/
    • 12 Text Editors with Markdown Support
      • Visual Studio Code
      • TextMate
      • Atom
    • 9 File-based Markdown Editors
      • Typora
      • MacDown
      • Haroopad
    • 8 Library-based Markdown Editors
      • Obsidian

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