Photo Management and Editing Applications – Lightroom and Its Alternatives

I have no doubt that Lightroom is the best photo management and editing application available, considering the ability and talent Adobe has. (Yes, it is the capable developers which matters most. Adobe being big means there are many great developers there.) However, with the subscription pricing model, it is disfavored by many people including me. (To be fair, Adobe has the integrity to make it in the subscription pricing model, with so many functionalities (unlike many scam-alike apps ), but I just don’t like the fact that I cannot buy it just once – even if it is more expensive than before.)

Therefore, it is worth doing to have a look on its alternatives.

Lightroom Alternatives

According to the Internet, there are several alternatives as shown in the following images.

Irreplaceable Lightroom

There are several functionalities which only Adobe Lightroom provides.

  • Fine tuned UI
  • Cross-major-platform support including iPad and macOS
  • RAW photo processing esp. importing RAW photos in the Files app on iPad
    • because RAW photos are most naturally copied into the Files app on iPad

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