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  • Apple Event – WWDC 2022 – June 6, 2022

    WWDC is the major event for Apple Software Application, API and SDK. Topics iPhone Live Lock Screens, Lock Screen Widgets, can also be linked to the overall focus modes. Messages, Shared with You API, SharePlay in Messages Dictation (entirely on device) Live Text, Live Text in Video, Quick Actions, Live Text API, Visual Lookup Wallet, […]

  • How to Import Photo and Video Files from iPhone and iPad to Windows PC

    Apple usually doesn’t work well with others. It also goes to import photo and video files from iPhone and iPad to Windows PC. (Although Microsoft usually works great with Apple, in the sense Microsoft makes a lot of great applications on Apple platforms.) Unlike importing photo and video files from iPhone and iPad to Mac, […]

  • Reading Notes ~ How to Read a Food Label: A Healthy Skeptic’s Guide to the Buzzwords

    SOURCE:, How to Read a Food Label: A Healthy Skeptic’s Guide to the Buzzwords, By Elizabeth G. Dunn, April 1, 2022 11:37 am ET Label Conscious USDA Organic This federally overseen certification requires crops to be non-GMO and produced without most synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Grain and hay must be 100% organic, livestock raised […]

  • What to Expect of a Web Browser

    Functionalities Browser Specific DNS The use case is that I have set up an instance of Blog de JH with domain name on my Intranet server Home-DS218plus while there is also the public Blog de JH on the Internet. For trying out somethings which I haven’t decided for the public Blog de JH, currently […]

  • My Things ~ The goneo Domain

    The is the Sunday after Easter, 2022, still being considered as the Easter Week in Germany. Well, at least from business promotion aspects. Why on goneo? I think I have done one really stupid action this week by transferring my domain name bought on netcup to goneo. To be honest, I made a rush decision […]

  • What to Know about Domain Names

    Created date: 20220423 Updated date: 20220423 It is cool to own your own domain names for your online profiles. However, except for being an easy to remember name for IP addresses, domain names can do a lot of other things. Topics DNS Record Types SOURCE:, List of DNS record types TTL TTL stands for […]

  • Weixin – How to Export Personal Data

    Weixin as an app which also has many users in Europe of course being required to be GDPR compliant also provides European users the chance to export personal data. The Steps to Export Personal Data The option is in the path Settings > My Information & Authorizations > Export Personal Data if the Weixin is […]

  • Weixin – The Special Parts

    Weixin is an app with many special designs comparing to other IM applications. Weixin has many great parts. However, like many other things, we get used to good parts, enjoy and then forget the specialness. For uncomfortable parts, we have stronger feelings. So it should be mentioned, although this post may cover more special parts […]

  • Photo Sharing Platforms

    Not meaning Google Photos which is not for public sharing although it is possible to be used to share photos to friends. Platforms Flickr Best found, limitation is only the number of photos allowed for free accounts. 500px Limitations of free account is very much limiting.

  • 在慕尼黑办理护照换发

    在慕尼黑办理中国护照换发可以通过中华人民共和国驻慕尼黑总领事馆(Generalkonsulat der Volksrepublik China in München)进行。 引用内容 源:,护照和旅行证办理须知,2021/08/12 中国驻慕尼黑总领事馆自8月9日起启用“中国领事”APP“护照旅行证”在线办理功能。同日起,“海外申请护照在线预约系统”在德国停止使用。 目前,驻慕尼黑总领事馆仅受理在本馆领区(巴伐利亚州)内的中国公民通过“中国领事”APP向本馆提交的有关申请,无法接受跨国/跨领区申请。 申请人应下载“中国领事”APP,注册并实名认证后选择“护照/旅行证”业务模块,根据提示要求逐步、完整、准确地填写个人基本信息,确认国籍状况声明并在线签字,根据办理业务种类,按要求格式上传办证所需必要材料电子版,选择递交材料和取证方式。 我馆目前仅接受邮寄方式递交材料,同时提供到馆取证、邮寄取证两种取证方式。 护照换发 如无特殊情况,所有办证材料均可通过APP线上提交。当APP上办证进度变为“复审中”后,请将材料邮寄至总领馆。 申请人具有中国国籍、持有中华人民共和国普通护照,且有下列情形之一者,可申请换发: ①护照有效期不足一年的; ②所持中国护照因办理德国居留、延签等事宜,急需换发; ③护照签证页即将用完; ④容貌变化较大或其他急需换发的情形。 需在“中国领事”APP中上传的材料 ①半年内拍摄的符合电子护照照片要求的正面免冠彩色半身证件照片; ②现持护照(包括带照片资料页和非空白加注页)和德国居留许可正反面; ③16周岁以下申请人申请护照换发需提供:…… ④如以双向邮寄方式申请护照,需补充提交申请回邮服务声明书。 需邮寄的材料 ①基本办证信息表(在电脑上填写后打印;如手写请用印刷体清晰书写,需包括表格中的所有信息); ②现持护照(旧照注销后将同新证件、发票一同发还); ③如选择邮寄取证方式时需附加邮寄: 申请回邮服务声明书 支付成功页面截图(支付方式见(六)支付费用) ④其它总领馆要求提供原件的材料(如有)。 办证时间 护照换发、颁发、补发业务自复审通过之日起,一般需15个工作日,无加急服务。 申请人可通过中国领事APP中“我的订单”栏目查看办理进度。 如提交信息错误,无法再修改,我馆将审核不通过或要求补充材料,重新提交或补完材料后需按重新提交的时间再排期等待审核。 请您在填写时仔细核对您提供的各项信息,以免延误您的申请。 支付费用 如选择邮寄取证,请在APP上收到“复审中”信息后,扫描下方支付二维码支付办证规费(护照/旅行证颁发、换发、补发均为16欧元/人,护照加注免费)和UPS快递服务费(15欧元,如多人同时申请,可仅支付一次快递费用,请在回邮声明书中注明所有申请人姓名)。 付款时请在付款页面点击“添加备注”并输入所有申请人姓名及订单号(例:张三 DEUBA3QLTT12345678)。 如证件不符合受理条件或需退还差额,费用退还将通过原支付渠道进行。 紧急旅行证申请一经提交无法撒回,已缴纳费用不予退还。 如选择到馆取证,请在取证时通过当地EC卡或微信、支付宝支付办证规费。 护照办妥一年内未领取者,护照将被作废销毁,并将可能影响申请人下次护照申请。 邮寄材料 总领馆邮寄地址:Konsularabteilung 办照, Hofmannstraße 57, 81379 München 领取证件 如选择到馆取证,当APP中办证进度变为“新证件已制作完毕”时,请本人凭订单号和有效身份证件到馆领取。 请注意:疫情期间仅周三上午9:00-12:00开放对外取证窗口。 如选择邮寄取证,证件制作完毕后总领馆即安排寄出。 […]