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  • What to Expect of a Web Browser

    Functionalities Browser Specific DNS The use case is that I have set up an instance of Blog de JH with domain name blog.johannhuang.com on my Intranet server Home-DS218plus while there is also the public Blog de JH on the Internet. For trying out somethings which I haven’t decided for the public Blog de JH, currently […]

  • My Things ~ The goneo Domain

    The is the Sunday after Easter, 2022, still being considered as the Easter Week in Germany. Well, at least from business promotion aspects. Why on goneo? I think I have done one really stupid action this week by transferring my domain name bought on netcup to goneo. To be honest, I made a rush decision […]

  • What to Know about Domain Names

    Created date: 20220423 Updated date: 20220423 It is cool to own your own domain names for your online profiles. However, except for being an easy to remember name for IP addresses, domain names can do a lot of other things. Topics DNS Record Types SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_DNS_record_types, List of DNS record types TTL TTL stands for […]

  • Weixin – How to Export Personal Data

    Weixin as an app which also has many users in Europe of course being required to be GDPR compliant also provides European users the chance to export personal data. The Steps to Export Personal Data The option is in the path Settings > My Information & Authorizations > Export Personal Data if the Weixin is […]

  • Weixin – The Special Parts

    Weixin is an app with many special designs comparing to other IM applications. Weixin has many great parts. However, like many other things, we get used to good parts, enjoy and then forget the specialness. For uncomfortable parts, we have stronger feelings. So it should be mentioned, although this post may cover more special parts […]

  • Photo Sharing Platforms

    Not meaning Google Photos which is not for public sharing although it is possible to be used to share photos to friends. Platforms Flickr Best found, limitation is only the number of photos allowed for free accounts. 500px Limitations of free account is very much limiting.

  • To Have a Personal Blog

    There are many benefits to have a personal blog. However, it may not be so straightforward for many as for how to have a personal blog. Therefore, let me introduce you some basic information about it. There are in general the following several categories of personal blogs. Blogging on managed blog platforms such as WordPress.com, […]

  • Photo Management and Editing Applications – Lightroom and Its Alternatives

    I have no doubt that Lightroom is the best photo management and editing application available, considering the ability and talent Adobe has. (Yes, it is the capable developers which matters most. Adobe being big means there are many great developers there.) However, with the subscription pricing model, it is disfavored by many people including me. […]

  • Apple Event – March 8, 2022

    Parts Apple tv+ iPhone iPhone SE A15 = iPhone 13 6 core CPU 4-core GUP 16-core Neural Engine Design 3 colors 5G Camera $429, March 18, Friday iPad Air 12 MP front 5G available next month 6 colors Mac M1 Ultra (besides Pro, Max) UltraFusion, 2.5TB/s bandwidth Two like one, … Application only sees one […]

  • What to Expect of a RSS Reader

    Alternative titles What Kind of RSS Reader Do I Want? Criteria are the foundation of saying something valuable or not. Therefore, criteria go first. What are the expected features? Can Sync with services such as Inoreader Clean Applications RSS Guard https://github.com/martinrotter/rssguard Feed reader which supports RSS/ATOM/JSON and many web-based feed services. RSS Guard is simple […]