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  • What to Expect of a MarkDown Editor

    Alternative titles What Kind of MarkDown Editor Do I Want? Criteria are the foundation of saying something valuable or not. Therefore, criteria go first. What are the expected features? File-based instead of library-based Live preview instead of separate preview Live preview for images Applications TextMate My File-based Live preview No live preview for images https://github.com/textmate?q=markdown&type=all&language=&sort= […]

  • What to Expect of German Word Look-up Experience

    Alternative titles What Kind of German Word Look-up Experience Do I Need? To answer the question in the title, let’s first think why I need to look up a German word. Why Do I Need to Look Up a German Word? Here is a list that I can easily think of as the following. check […]

  • My Things ~ It’s All for the New Monitor

    I am not a fan of gaming but after a whole year of home office, I really started to feel uncomfortable in my eyes. Some of my friends say it is because of the monitor I use. Although not totally into this point, I think it makes at least some sense. A better monitor can […]

  • 微信 – Weixin and WeChat

    This blog has several posts about Weixin because personally I, as the website owner, has a root in China. Although live outside of China, I am still deeply rooted in China, and of course deeply care about China. In my opinion, Weixin is special comparing to other applications in the sense that Weixin represents not […]