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  • Weixin – How to Export Personal Data

    Weixin as an app which also has many users in Europe of course being required to be GDPR compliant also provides European users the chance to export personal data. The Steps to Export Personal Data The option is in the path Settings > My Information & Authorizations > Export Personal Data if the Weixin is […]

  • Weixin – The Special Parts

    Weixin is an app with many special designs comparing to other IM applications. Weixin has many great parts. However, like many other things, we get used to good parts, enjoy and then forget the specialness. For uncomfortable parts, we have stronger feelings. So it should be mentioned, although this post may cover more special parts […]

  • 微信 – Weixin and WeChat

    This blog has several posts about Weixin because personally I, as the website owner, has a root in China. Although live outside of China, I am still deeply rooted in China, and of course deeply care about China. In my opinion, Weixin is special comparing to other applications in the sense that Weixin represents not […]